无论是添加Google Analytics依赖包还是添加AdMob广告系统的库,官方都推荐使用Pods管理


Google 推荐Pods
Google 推荐Pods


Add Analytics to your iOS app

This guide shows how to add Analytics to your iOS app to measure user activity to named screens. If you don’t have an application yet and just want to see how Analytics works, take a look at our sample application.

OBJECTIVE-CSWIFTAnalytics uses CocoaPods to install and manage dependencies. Open a terminal window and navigate to the location of the Xcode project for your application. If you have not already created a Podfile for your application, create one now:

pod init

Open the Podfile created for your application and add the following:

pod 'Google/Analytics', '~> 1.0.0'

Save the file and run:

pod install

This creates an .xcworkspace file for your application. Use this file for all future development on your application.


然后全自动下载Google Services configure file.plist文件自动集成,

傻瓜化操作还是赞一下吧。 可以吸引很多小白新手简单集成,对于老鸟来说又可以省下很多繁琐的步骤~


不过必须吐槽一下。。我真的不喜欢用Pods啊! 我不想打开Workspace啊!!



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