Received my new iPhone 6 Plus today

I’m learning English right now, feel free to point out any mistake of my language.

If you do, I will be very grateful for that


I just received my new iPhone 6 Plus 64G Sliver this morning.

Finally I can sent my iPhone 5 into trash bag and replace it to my new device.





This is my first time using TouchID.

It is very sensitive. Just put my thumb on the home button for a sec.

The phone will unload automatically. It’s very useful. I like it.



About the Screen

I bought the 5.5 inch Plus version.

I think the screen is a little bit large even for a big hand of man.

I hardly to input the number “1” in keyboard when I was trying input the password.

Apple say:”Do you wanna the larger screen?!  So give you the larger screen you mother fucker.”

Finally we got it. The iPhone 6




iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 Plus


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