Learning English BBC News Daily 14/10/2014

Here I’m back, dude.

The funniest news today it’s must be the Kim Jong-un appears in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un: North Korea leader ‘appears in public’

The “leader of North Korea”, the sprite of people, the greatest general Kim Jong-en has showed in public yesterday after nearly 40 days no any messages.

He inspect a building is developing for some scientists, the made a significant conversation. IDK anything of Korean so I have no idea what the god of North Korea says.  But I’m sure the North Korean will be feed good and get BETTER life living in the auras of the Kim Jong-en.

A picture carried by North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun apparently of Kim Jong-un visiting a residential area for scientists - 14 October 2014He was shown to be in good spirits despite recent rumours suggesting that he was in poor health

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