Learning BBC News Daily 10/10/14

Today is my first day to decide to write down everything I interested when reading in BBC News.

It will be the way path to my American Dream….


Ebola ‘entrenched’ in West Africa

It says the Ebola disease had killed more than 3,860 people,mainly in West Africa. And the capital of Guinea,Liberia and Sierra Leone are entrenching of Ebola.

Meanwhile, Many nurse are affected by this terrible disease. With 2 hairdresser are being monitored in hospital who got contact with Teresa Romero the nurse had been repatriated for West Africa after looked after an Ebola patient.

So the nurse Teresa maybe got affected too, at least she is carrier.  I hope they could get better as soon as possible. And be strong, DON’T DIE. After all this disease has 70% fatality rate.

And done with the bad news, lets talk about something happy.

Like, I just brought my iPhone 6 Plus. And will be deliver at 17th,Oct.  I CANT WAIT.


iPhone 6 and Plus
iPhone 6 and Plus


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